Rope training is an extremely unique training system utilizing heavy ropes to develop strength, power, and muscular endurance. It is a very effective form of training for both general fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels. Rope drills will improve grip strength, improve your ability to create power and sustain the power output for longer periods of time and improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.


This workshop provides an overview of the theoretical knowledge and practical skill necessary to teach a safe and effective Boxing and or Kick Boxing class. Topics covered are Physiology and Biomechanics, Injury Prevention Techniques, Mechanics of the Ring: Footwork, Boxing and Kickboxing Standards and Guidelines, Music: Mood/Sequencing, Equipment: Wraps, Gloves, Punch Mitts


Will guide the instructor through the basic and fundamental grips associated with handling the kettle bell as well as the primary movements that are the heart of kettle bell training in an exciting and dynamic training environment.


This course will combine lectures and practical training to help the aerobic instructor, personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts to understand proper progression of kick boxing movements to formulate dynamic group exercise programs and one-on-one sessions. Topics Covered: Punch & Kick Combinations, Body Alignment, Progression of Movement for Combinations, Kick Boxing Standards & Guidelines.


Q6FIGHT brings a workshop/workout to your facility or conference showcasing and implementing programs provided by our team.


This workshop teaches the basic and progressive fundamentals of Jump Rope mechanics. A high intensity aerobic and anaerobic cross training total body workout implementing rope and footwork applications.